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We will describe one of the most popular and trustful companies among all of the banking methods! It was incorporated in 1966, when there was no real online amusement. Slowly, it has developed to the point that more than 30,000 commercial institutions are powered by this entity and its products.

This is a main opponent for Visa. However, both of them are widely accepted in 95% of the internet entertainments. Along with an existence of the portable application, the quantity of users has increased gradually and it still getting higher! It also influences the gambling auditory, as it is a good choice for adding some assets on the account and withdrawing for all categories of players.

MasterCard Mobile Casino Rating

The technological development allowed to use almost any modern gadget as a useful tool to solve majority of the potential problems. Regarding gamblers, it gave a possibility to spread the quantity of the clients twice.

There is a giant amount of the platforms, which co-operate with such payment organization. It is hard to make a proper hierarchy by the quality of the MasterCard supporters. However, we will divide it into 3 main groups, starting by the absolute leader.

For iOS

Doubtless, the graphics and the video of the amusements on the Apple products are incredible. Sometimes, this factor is a crucial for the users to choose the application. AppStore gives an opportunity to obtain a MasterCard program with full functioning and separate ones of each soft supplier and its commodities. Money manipulations require only few steps to go and it’s done.

For Android

As the most popular games are located on the previous operation system…This one has even more!! It includes also small and growing apps, which are trying to enter the market and rock it. Notwithstanding, they might be not safe or do not be protected enough. The technological abilities are mostly the same as for the Cupertino devices. So, there is not a huge difference between them.

For Windows

If we would talk about a computer version – then there is no better OS. However, taking into account that it is a mobile type – it is much worse. Basically, the low number of the players does not force developers to get more programs and to improve them. As a consequence, there are lots of imperfections and inconveniences. So, in our chart, this system got only the third place.

MasterCard Mobile Software Suppliers

It is not clear, which entity has more profit of concluding an agreement, the payment firm or the soft provider, as MasterCard is truly super popular and it does not need any other ways to advertise its services to the world.

Meanwhile, many gambling platforms try to obtain a contract with this protected and strong company to gain more clients. Chronologically, Microgaming was the first enterprise, which got a permission to use this method of money transaction.

Nowadays, all commodities of this supplier have an opportunity to operate so. However, developers from other well-known organizations, such as BetSoft, Playtech, NetEnt, RTG and others also provide this choice for their consumers.

Credit Card Casino Banking Advantages

The actual number of the additional opportunities is huge, even though, such way to increase an account is costly and it requires paying monthly fees. The main benefits are:

  • A possibility to get extra money at any time. It is a good feature for responsible gamblers.
  • Individual service. Depending on the title of the card, the owner can obtain a special treatment.
  • Faster transactions. A person can make any movements of his balance with a priority over usual holders.
  • Support team. In case of an issue, they can help 24/7 without delay.
  • Credit cash with low interest rate. In some circumstances it may be even 0% for $2,000 or more.
  • Super security. The holders have a double protection: from the bank issuing the card and from the MasterCard itself.
  • Loyalty programs. As more you spend as higher is the level and chances to get some prizes.


The process of increasing the balance on the player’s account is, comparably, fast. However, the speed relies on few factors: mainly, on the instructions of the issuing authority and the game’s settings. In vast majority of occasions, the process is immediate. In fact, the main problem with the depositing is that it may be rejected.

Literally, the bank can refuse to make this transaction because gambling is illegal in its country. However, it depends on each particular case. You should try to know. A new advantage of this system is pre-paid cards, as they protect from the addiction – the person can’t spend more money than what he actually has.


It is true, some online casinos settle their own limitations for acquiring assets from the client. It is a strict requirement, the system won’t work if you will try to run with the smaller sum. Nevertheless, do not panic, this number is quite reasonable. Usually, it is $30-$40. Important to know, it is imposed by the platform.

So, all the amusements on it have the same rules, which is impossible to avoid. Meanwhile, there are many separate games without any minimum amount. Read carefully the terms of the entertainments to be aware of any tricks.


These cards are more popular as a way of receiving some income, compare to the sending one. It is an instant process. However, sometimes, the bank can take one or two working days in order to submit the transaction. Oppositely to the depositing, rejection of this method rarely happens. If your gambling account was in another currency – the bank will use its current rate at the day of starting the process.


A network of different charges exists, as this company is famous worldwide and it has many connections with other entities in many countries. The exact amount of the “overprice” depends of variety of factors: type of the card, a country, a casino, kind of amusement chosen, the amount of the transaction, etc.

Notwithstanding, it is frequent to have 0% of the fees with the high speed of the sending money process. The highest level can vary from 5% to 9% of depositing amount. It any case, an individual is always notified about the percentage imposed before he presses the button “pay”.

MasterCard Mobile Casino Wins

There are millions of people, who won due to this company. It is the simplest option – every civilized person has at least one card (25% chance that it is a MasterCard) and he can only type the codes, written on it, to make a payment.

In case of using another variants – it is needed to register, get special secret number, etc – but not here. So, potentially, the majority of stars, regional and international, with giant or small wins, at least once tried this technique.